Domniki Asimaki

Domniki Asimaki

Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Degrees and Appointments

Dipl., National Technical University of Athens, 1998; M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000; Ph.D., 2004. Caltech, 2014-.

Email: domnikicaltech.edu

Tel: (626) 395-2742

341 Gates-Thomas Laboratory MC 104-44 Pasadena, CA 91125


Research Group Matters
Carolina Oseguera
362 Gates-Thomas Laboratory
(626) 395-4271

Research Overview

Professor Asimaki's research combines geotechnical engineering, computational mechanics and structural dynamics to study natural ground surface features and man-made geotechnical systems --such as ridges, valleys, dams, tunnels, building foundations and offshore structures. One of her research areas is the development of predictive models of soil and foundation response to seismic loading, another area is the engineering of 'green' foundation solutions for offshore wind farms, which are subjected to complex dynamic loading from wind, waves, currents and the cyclical motion of the turbine rotor itself.

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