Visiting Faculty

Kenneth A. Pickar

Kenneth A. Pickar

Visiting Associate in Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Degrees and Appointments

B.S., City University of New York, 1961; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1966. Senior Vice President, Retired, Allied Signal Aerospace, 1993-. Visiting Professor of Engineering, Caltech, 1998; Visiting Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, 1998-99; 2003-16; J. Stanley Johnson Visiting Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 1999-2003. Lecturer, 2017-18. Visiting Associate, 2015; 2016-19.


Research Group Matters
Carolina Oseguera
362 Gates-Thomas Laboratory
(626) 395-4271

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Research Overview

Professor Pickar is interested in creating products that help the lives of people who are at the bottom of the pyramid. He has worked in both Guatemala and now in India where his class is jointly taught with IIT Gandhinagar. The Indian focus is on medical products to detect or treat disease or ancillary products that protect against injury. He is also interested in the process of entrepreneurship where laboratory discoveries are transferred to the market place in this country.