Sponge Wars: Attack of the Drones!

28th Annual Engineering Design Competition

Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 1:00-3:00pm, Brown Gym Basketball Court

The Mission

The fundamental challenge of engineering is solving problems while meeting basic constraints. The ME72 students were asked to form teams. Each team was tasked to design, build, and operate, under manual and/or autonomous control, a pair of vehicles that will:

  • Retrieve dry kitchen sponges from a four-foot high platform,
  • Place these sponges in goals their team controls,
  • Navigate autonomously to place sponges in their autonomous goal.
  • Maintain their own score while reducing the opposing team’s score by blocking and by having their vehicles contact buttons to switch goal control (and points) to their team.

The Challenge

The competition is divided into rounds. Each round consists of 4-minute heats among the remaining teams, where a heat consists of a head-to-head contest between two teams. During the heat’s first 5 seconds, teams may not interfere with each other, but after that they may engage in both offensive and defensive moves. The team with the most points at the end of the heat wins. After two losses, a team will be eliminated from the competition.

In the News

2013 Sponsors:
Energent IdeaLab NorthropGrumman Schlumberger JPL MCE EAS

Photos by Bob Paz

Team Name Team Members
Fat Squirrels

Juan Pablo Cardenas
Sandra Fang
Jungsoo Park
Katie Taylor

Der Red Penguins Deeksha Agrawal
Thomas Kwong
Nandini Mukherjee
Mary Nguyen
Chris Zheng
Gym Rats Rachel Deghuee
Will Dooris
Albie Lavin
James Leet
Nic Zhang
Blacker Air and Machinery Force (BAMF)
Puikei Cheng
Robb Morgan
Jeff Odell
Russell Smith
Michael Williamson
Spongebot MetalPants Liana Braun
Garima Gupta
Kristen Holtz
Tiffany Huang
Ahalya Prabhaker
How to Train Your Blimp Ethan Boronson
Rachel Hess
Tim MacDonald
Alex Wilson